Norland Cemetery

In 1911, the Norland Cemetery Company bought a tract of land containing about 25 acres, located approximately one mile north of Chambersburg along the Harrisburg, Carlisle & Chambersburg Turnpike Road, now Philadelphia Avenue (US Route 11).  


A “fine granite gateway” was erected, trees and shrubbery planted, and macadam roads completed.  The cemetery was laid out in an open lawn plan, with only stately monuments and graceful statues allowed on the landscape.  No fences or artificial irregularities were permitted. Later an additional 29 acres were purchased to allow for expansion. Lots are available at Norland Cemetery; options are outlined on the Services page.


Visitors are welcome from dawn to dusk.  Directions to Norland Cemetery are available here.  

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery is an historic cemetery located off of Franklin Street in the Borough of Chambersburg. At the time of its incorporation in 1855, the cemetery grounds included 16 acres. In 1885, six additional acres of ground were purchased and added to the northwest section of the burial ground. 


Records show that the first burial was on Nov. 3, 1854, when the body of Mrs. Jane Snider was interned in a grave near the central oval of the cemetery. The cemetery association has since erected a granite marker over this first grave.  The next burial was the re-internment of the body of Alfred M. Smith who was long connected with the public press and perhaps the most brilliant literary genius ever born in Chambersburg.


Many people found refuge in Cedar Grove Cemetery during the Burning of Chambersburg on July 30, 1864.  All records were destroyed during the fire.


Hundreds of veterans of our nation's wars lie buried in various sections of the cemetery.  Near the main gate are two close rows of 20 graves, which bear mute witness to the community's tribute to a number of unknown dead of the War Between the States. More than half of the graves are identified simply as "U.S. Soldier". The soldiers are believed to bave been buried in the cemetery after they died at three hospitals set up here after Antietam.


Lots are no longer available in Cedar Grove Cemetery.


Genealogical Information

If you are seeking burial records or other information for a genealogical search, please contact the Franklin County Historical Society - KittochtinnyWe have provided the Historical Society with all of our cemetery's genealogic information to ensure it is available to the public.



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